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Salute to Our Heroes 


Salute to Our Heroes honors public safety forces, including the military, emergency room personnel, emergency medical technicians, fire departments and districts, police departments, sheriffs departments, the US Marshals Service, US Border Patrol agents, ATF agents, school and university safety staff, and airport security personnel. Feel free to offer suggestions for participating agencies and personnel by sending an email to 

Salute to Our Heroes will air on CBS and Clear Channel Radio Stations in Phoenix, Clear Channel and Journal Broadcasting stations in Tucson, Capitol Broadcasting in Raleigh, NC, and on stations to be announced in Reno, NV, and in New York City, NY.

If you represent a public safety agency and wish to have great stories included in our broadcasts FREE, please send your request to the email address right below here.

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Salute To Our Heroes is a radio series featuring public service announcements (PSAs) that highlight the exceptional bravery and important contributions of the many men and women who routinely keep our lives and property safe and sound. This includes good Samaritans who act selflessly to assist their neighbors in need. They are brought to you by fine associates in the private sector.
"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt



Saving & enhancing lives is a way of life for America's Emergency Services Personnel.